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English Proofreading

Small mistakes and errors are an inevitability of any writing. In most cases, the best thing you can do is get a second set of eyes on your work. However, when writing in another language this can be tricky.

English can be especially difficult, with its there, their, and they're, and words like though and dough.

That’s where I can help. As a native English speaker with years of experience writing, proofreading, and editing written English, I can assist in ensuring your work meets your standards of in terms of spelling, grammar, and word choice.

Word Checking

I will check spelling, and also confirm whether you've written the correct word, or one of the countless near matches.

Sentence Structure and Grammar

I will help you make sure that your writing flows well and is paced well to an outside reader.

Word Choice

I will help refine your writing by making sure you have used the words which most accurately convey your meaning.

Light Punctuation and Structural Editing

If requested I can give extra attention to placement of punctuation, as well as the larger structure of your writing.


I will help ensure what you wrote cleanly communicates what you’re trying to get across.

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